Our services include Jewelry Repair, Watch Repair, Appraisals, Insurance Replacements, Gift Certificates , Engraving, Monograms, Custom Design, Financing.

Jewelry Repair

Because we make and design jewelry, we understand the intricacies associated with fine jewelry repair. So many rings today don't sit well on the fingers or the earrings are too heavy and pull on the ears - these are issues easily solved by our trained staff. Whether your new engagement ring needs to be resized, chain needs to be soldered, necklace shortened, bracelet lengthened, pearls re-strung, broken earring fixed, or watch battery replaced, we can handle the repair on your fine pieces.

Watch Repair

Over time the lubricants protecting the gears and parts in your watch can deteriorate causing the watch to stop or lose time. Also seals and gaskets can dry out and compromise the water resistance feature of the watch. At Hollis & Company, we are authorized to inspect and work on most all major brands of watches and carry the parts and tools necessary to complete the service.

Insurance Replacements and Appraisals

Hollis & Company provides insurance valuations and appraisals for customers who need documentation on the replacement cost of jewelry. We can provide insurance appraisals on modern and antique jewelry, watches, pearls, diamonds, gemstones, and silver. We also offer diamond certification and gem identification services.